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Site last updated: December 2007

Welcome to our family Website

This is our home on the Net! 

We hope you'll find the site easy on the eye and simple enough to use so you can share the photos and research that we've accumulated over the years, -- and if you are interested, keep up to date with us .

The site will be fairly organic - so please bookmark the URL or add our web address to your favourites and come back every so often to see what's new. 

We've added a photo gallery with pictures from the social rounds - so take a look & see if you can find yourself - or any other familiar faces on there.


Latest updates:

  Alex's business,  is up and running .......... need to save money by increasing your vehicle's fuel economy and/or increase torque and power to your engine? Alex can sort this for you - click here to see how.

Joy's website is now published and growing - click the GenClub link on the left to find out more.

Potted Pegrum 2007 is Online Now!

Family History updates coming July 2008