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Potted Pegrum 2007 


Dear friends:  amazingly here we are once again looking back over yet another year, and hoping that this will find you all as it leaves us: happy and well.   Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself – and it’s fair to say that we’ve done a bit of enjoying ourselves this year - despite the weather - and will be going into 2008 looking forward to more of the same!


From those of you we’ve been in touch with this year, we know that it’s been a dreadful year for extreme and unseasonable weather around the world.  We started the year off as usual, seeing 2007 in with a visit to Terry’s sister and family in Spain & although that was as great as always, the weather wasn’t as nice as we’ve come to expect.  To compensate, we booked another short break to go back for a weekend break and chase away the English winter greys in February (and so Terry could eat the Christmas pudding he hadn’t managed to get through on the first trip) – only to arrive in Palma in time for some of their worst storms for years!

This trend continued on our major trip in March/April when both of us this year visited friends in Australia – then had rain on ANZAC day in the middle of the drought.  It wasn’t all bad though: we still managed some idyllic days around Sydney harbour on Mick & Kate’s boat, as well a trips up and down the coast and inland to Canberra and Cooma. 
This year we also sandwiched a whirlwind ‘rally’ around the North of New Zealand’s North Island in between our time in Oz, including a fleeting catch up  with Terry’s ‘Kiwi’ cousins Roger & Averill (after 35 years!) who showed us the sights in Auckland.  Breathtakingly beautiful though it was though, it hasn’t replaced Oz as our dream location for retirement. 

When we got back we found that we’d missed a glorious spring and mini heat wave, and settled down to – more rain!  We were lucky not to be flooded as were many of our fellow townspeople and businesses here in Alcester and the surrounding areas, but the garden seemed to like it and I had a tranquil summer pottering about out there, planting and harvesting well.


Talking of being retired, although it may seem like I am, and even feels a bit like it as life is so laid back compared to recent years, I’ve actually been quite busy this year.  Alex decide he wasn’t one of life’s electricians and finally found his direction and a way to channel his love of ‘big boy’s toys’ by starting his own specialist engine tuning business, and Terry & I have worked with him to get this off the ground.  He trained with a business in Birmingham and then got started here, and I am managing his admin and books for him.
I’m really enjoying being closely involved, and we work very well together.  It’s early days, but business is growing steadily and he seems really happy with what he’s doing at last.  You can check out his service at


As well as this I have been consulting and writing for an educational publisher, and continuing with my passion for historical research.  I’ve been getting acquainted with our local area and its history and records and have enjoyed doing some research for other people as well as my own in recent months.  I completed my L4 teaching qualification and my Literacy Practitioners certificates this year too – just in case I ever want to go back into a classroom, but that’s not on my agenda at the moment!  I’m still working on and building content for my GenClub website and hope to be launching a new version of this by early spring, with my first online course delivery following by early summer 2008.


Terry is still spending most of his time teaching ‘inside’, moving out of the prison art room and into the kitchen this year (I know – how ironic is that!).  Latterly though, he has manoeuvred himself away from ‘Red Peppers & Green Tomatoes’ and back into teaching IT again – so we’ll see what next year will bring!  He still travels round the town troubleshooting local computer problems – mostly for bottles of homemade sloe gin and plum wine, and the occasional delectable tipple.  As I write he is days away from that BIG birthday, (60 is the new 40, he reckons ….!) and we’re looking forward to the start of the planned celebrations which look like spanning about a week! 


  On the home front we have a bit more room again this year as Alex & Kaylee have taken another flat in Stratford together, and Alex’s room here at home is now his office.  
As for Dominic, well, if I say he’s 18 in two week’s time and roll on 28, I’m sure you can read between those lines!  
The beginning of 2008 looks set to fly by as during January I have a further writing commission and we also have builders in, then we jet off to Australia again for February & then really look forward to welcoming my cousin Christine and her daughter here from the US for two weeks in March for Crufts -  a first for me.

So…. that’s it from us for another year.  We’ll be looking forward to receiving your updates over the coming weeks and we really do enjoy them, so please keep them coming – or e-mail us an update if newsletters aren’t your thing.

I will get around to loading a few more snaps on here from this year's social highlights so check back and see if you spot any familiar faces there. I put some on FaceBook earlier in the year, and you'll find links to those on the PHOTOS page.  As always we'd love to hear from or meet up with as many of you as possible in the coming year, so please keep in touch.

Once again our thoughts are with you all along with our wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

xxx The Pegs